Bose has always been one of the leading brands in home audio speakers as well as many other audio systems and equipments. There’s a reason Bose audio speakers are used in many fine and high end venues, and even the best built cars. Bose speakers are simply the best. Of course, they usually come with a higher price in comparison to some other brands, but is it considered overpriced? Most certainly not. Bose speakers are worth every penny! (It’s my choice of speaker system at home, so I know from experience!).Below, we’ve listed the top 3 Bose home theater speaker systems that will fill your room with sound and add excitement and more feeling to your TV viewing experience at home.

Bose® CineMate® GS Series II Digital Home Theater Speaker System:

Bose® CineMate® GS Series II Digital Home Theater Speaker System

The CineMate® GS Series II from Bose is a premium quality home theater speaker system that delivers a spacious, multichannel sound experience with strong center imaging due to the TrueSpace technology. The system consists of Bose Acoustimass module and a pair of Gemstone speaker arrays. The Acoustimaas module delivers deeper low notes and immersive sound. The hideaway Acoustimaas Module are designed in such a way that it will blend elegantly into your room.  When the module is hidden away, the sound seems to come directly from the speakers creating a realistic experience. A universal remote control controls the speaker system and the electronic components connected to your TV.  The CineMate is also combines with digital 5.1 decoding that delivers a super multichannel surround sound experience from practically any source.

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Bose® Solo TV Sound System:

Bose Solo TV Sound System

We’ve written about the Bose Solo Soundbar before as one of the easiest soundbar to connect, with only one single connection required from the bar to the TV. It is a single speaker sound system designed especially for watching TV. It replaces the TV’s internal speakers and gives you a high-class audio sound. The system has a sleek design that go nicely with any TV. It gives you improved dialogue, music, action and sound effects from daily programming. The system connects to the TV with just one cable and one plug to the wall. There is also a remote control with the system for power, mute and volume control. Solo TV produces clear audio with ample volume and a decent amount of bass.
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Bose Acoustimass 6 Home Entertainment Speaker System:

Bose Acoustimass 6 Home Entertainment Speaker System

The Acoustimass 6 from Bose is suitable for smaller to mid size rooms. It is designed for use with 5.1 channel surround sound receiver. The Acoustimass module adds drama to music and movies. Downward-firing drivers and proprietary technology deliver the lowest audible notes and effects with clarity and balance. The reflecting speaker technology delivers realistic spaciousness just like live performance. Now you can enjoy rich, low-frequency effects that give you amazing listening experience. The speakers are small in size, but don’t let their size fool you. They’re smaller so you can easily place them around the room, or arrange them in the best way that works for your decor, that will also spread the sound around equally.

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