Polk Audio TSi500 Floorstanding Speaker (Single, Black)

This speaker is a bigger version of the Polk Audio TSi300, equipped with more and bigger woofers, the Polk Audio TSi500 is a better choice of someone with a larger area to fill with sound. The speaker is 44.5″ in height and 17.75″ in depth. It features four 6.5″ woofers, giving you a high and deep sound to fill a big place. For a music stereo setup, you can use the TSi500 as a single speaker and you can expect wonderful results. If you want it as a part of a home theater system, pair it up with another speaker of the same model and a center speaker for an amazing surround sound experience. Get ready to FEEL the sound, not just hear it! The speaker is available in beautiful black or cherry wood grain finish.

 Click here to learn more about this speaker and to read the customer reviews.


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