Polk AudioAM5118-A Buckle Headphones Polk AudioAM5118-A Buckle Headphones_

Polk Audio have been known for their impressive floorstanding and bookshelf speakers. Their new line of headphones is just as impressive, they bring that massive sound to a very personal level that you can enjoy anywhere on the go.

Created from superior material, with an Ergonomic design that ensures the best and most comfortable fit, and a beautiful hand-stitched leather color combination that gives off quite a luxurious look, you’ll be more than happy with these Polk Audio headphones. The headphones feature a built in 3-button control that allows one-finger control. It also features a mic for calls, and a detachable cable for a tangle-free storage.

As for sound quality, you’ll get to experience Polk Optimized Electro-acoustic Tuning (POET), which is a design process that allows for an immersive sound experience.

Click here to learn more about Polk Audio’s Heritage Headphones on amazon, available in brown/gold or black/silver.


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