How To Choose The Best Floor Standing Speakers For YouFloor Standing Speakers, also known as Tower Speakers, are the long standing speakers you usually see in home theater setups or home stereo setups. These speakers reproduce the best sound with wide ranges and deep bass. They fill up your room with beautiful sounds so not only will you be hearing sounds and music, you’ll be truly experiencing it. Because floor standing speakers are strong in performance, they are thought to be quite expensive. But you’ll be surprised to find some are actually really affordable, and those are the one’s we’ll be reviewing for you here.


What To Look For in Floor Standing Speakers:

What you should be looking for in floor standing speakers depends on where/how you’ll be using it. Most people prefer these speakers for home theater or stereo setup at home. So to pick the right speaker you have to keep in mind how small/large is the area you’re trying to fill with sound.

If you’re going to look for the specification of each speaker, you’re guaranteed to get very confused. And most of them will actually sound the same eventually. So the first thing you need to do is find a speaker that is well-built. The material your speaker is built of reflects on the sound it produces. Another thing to look for is the number of woofers the speaker has, the number will mostly range from 2 to 4 woofers. Naturally, the more woofers it includes, the highly the sound will be and the larger of an area it will cover.

Floor Standing Speakers for Home Theater Setup:

For this setup, you’ll need at least two speaker towers as front channels. But if the area you’re trying to cover is small, then you can do with one, although it won’t be as good. Because you’re looking for a surround-sound experience, two speakers are highly recommended. If your budget allows it, you can also add a center speaker and a subwoofer.

Floor Standing Speakers for Music Stereo Setup:

If you’re looking to buy speakers for the sole purpose of music, then one tower speaker will actually be enough. It will add richness to your music that you’ll actually be able to feel it. If you’re covering a large area with music, then a combination of more towers can be good. Some floor standing speakers actually have an iPod dock on them for an easy and quick music setup.


Getting The Best Floor Standing Speaker for Your Money:

Set your budget: a single speaker can set you anywhere from $150 to $500. If a single speaker is all you need then you can spend all your budget on it. But if you have a big budget and you’re looking to get more than one speaker, then it is recommended that you spend about half your budget on one or two floor standing speakers, the rest of the budget can be spent on other system components such as a center speaker or a subwoofer.
Don’t get hung up on specifications: Bigger speakers with stronger specs. will cost you more, you’ll think it will be better for you, but do you REALLY need all those specs? Again, think of why you’re buying those speakers, what you’ll use them for and how big/small is the room you’ll be setting up the speakers in. Most people only need mid-range speakers that don’t cost more than $200.


Your Best Options:

In our research as Floor standing speaker enthusiasts, we found two brands to be rated the best and received constant 5-star reviews, those are: Polk Audio TSi Series and JBL Floor Standing Speakers, Klipsch was a great runner-up to them as well. Feel free to read our reviews on those speakers to help you make a better decision with your purchase.


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