Are you planning to buy a good quality floor speaker to complete your home speaker system? If yes, we are here to help you make the perfect choice of home speakers with our top three picks priced under$500*.

*Prices are correct as of the writing of this post. Prices are subject to change by seller

Definitive Technology BP7006 120v Tower Speaker:

Definitive Technology BP7006 120v Tower Speaker Definitive’s BP7006 Bipolar SuperTowers provides excellent sound quality. Its patented combination of bipolar midrange technology and inbuilt SuperCube subwoofers is known for delivering unmatched sonic performance. This unique speaker has pioneered a fresh reference standard for extra dynamic loudspeakers with high accuracy. BP7006 120v Tower Speaker is known for its excellent performance be it music or movies. Each speaker has two complete sets of in-built drivers, one facing frontward and the other facing to the rear.

Definitive’s BP7006 120v Tower Speakers exud full sonic spectrum forward as well as towards the back in an omni-directional pattern, so as to provide you with realistic sound that is produced in real life. It also has an inbuilt 8” subwoofer that is driven by a 300-Watt class D amplifier and two pressure-coupled 8″ Low Bass radiators for 150 square inches of bass radiating area per speaker.

The features of Definitive’s BP7006 120v Tower Speakers are as follows:

  • Dimension: 6-1/4″ W x 11-1/2″ D x 38-1/8″ H
  • The speakers have Phase-Coherent Linkwitz-Riley Crossovers for Perfect Driver Blending;
  • They have non-resonant and low diffraction monocoque cabinets for maintaining sonic purity.
  • The speakers have Multiple High-Definition Drivers and a 1-inch pure aluminum dome Sweeter Tweeter.

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Polk Audio TSi400 Floorstanding Speaker:

Polk Audio TSi400 Floorstanding SpeakerThe Polk Audio TSi400 floorstanding speaker has three woofers of 5.25 inches. This midrange tower speaker has better bass capacity and it is ideal for high impact music or movies. This reasonably priced speaker can be either used as the main speakers in your music system or as the front channels in a home theater system. To use the Polk Audio TSi400 floorstanding speaker for home theater, it should be paired with any TSi100’s or OWM3’s for surrounds. If paired with CS10 center and PSW series subwoofer, you can have an amazingly fabulous sounding system.

The new Polk Audio TSi400 series come with loudspeakers of superior quality so that you can thoroughly enjoy music as well as home theatre. It is stylishly designed so as to complement today’s
flat screen technology. The wood grain finishes with piano black plates and pewter trim rings enhances the visual appeal of the speaker and goes well with any home décor.

The features of Polk Audio TSi400 Floorstanding Speaker are as follows:

  • Dimension: 14.2 x 7 x 38.9 inches ;
  • It is equipped with 1-inch silk/polymer composite Dynamic Balance dome tweeter.

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Klipsch WF-35 Icon W Series Furniture-Grade Floorstanding Speaker:

Klipsch WF-35 Icon W Series Furniture-Grade Floorstanding SpeakerKlipsch WF-35 Icon W Series Furniture-Grade Floorstanding Speaker known for its outstanding sound quality, has a slim design that saves a lot of space. This sleek floorstanding speaker is a perfect match for your flat-panel TV and any thin-line home theatre components. Its elegant furniture-grade wood veneer finish makes it aesthetically pleasing. The magnetically shielded Klipsch WF-35 can be positioned with any display device and at any proximity without deteriorating the sound quality caused by interference.

The features of Klipsch WF-35 Icon W Series Furniture-Grade Floorstanding Speaker are as follows:

  • It is equipped with exclusive XT Horn-tweeter design to produce smooth and lifelike sound with low-distortion Klipsch sound;
  • It also has a premium titanium tweeter for precise highs and triple-woven fiberglass woofers for amazing lows.
  • It is equipped with XT Tractrix Horn technology that can radically decrease a speaker’s width and depth, while delivering outstanding output and dispersion.

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