So you’re obviously torn between buying floor standing speakers or bookshelf speakers. Which of these speaker models is best for you? While overall, floor standing speakers and bookshelf Polk Audio TSi500 Floorstanding Speakerspeakers can be both perform well, floor standing speakers do offer better and louder sound. They are bigger, afterall. Either way, here are few points to take into consideration before you decide:

The Speakers Use:

If you’re going to use the speakers for a home theater, then you’re better off with floor standing speakers. You’ll want to FEEL the sound of a movie (think your favorite action or adventure film). They will give you better sound and a bigger effect, being bigger in size and taller in height, the sound reaches farther in the room. They also have more drivers than a small bookshelf speaker.  As bookshelf speakers are shorter, and mostly sit higher in a room, you don’t get the same effect you do with floor standing speakers, but they are fairly good as music only speakers.


If you’re trying to fill a large place with sound, then you’ll need powerful speakers. With the right floor standing speakers, you will most probably only need one pair of speakers to get the sound you’re looking for (something like these 4-way JBL speakers will be perfect). If your space is small, then floor standing speakers with less drivers will work great, but the question is, do you have the space to put them in? Even though there are many speakers that are smaller in size, they still require some space in comparison to bookshelf speakers. If you lack the space, then a bookshelf speaker is the way to go. They’re smaller in size and will reproduce lower sound, but it will work greatly for a small space.


Polk Audio TSi200 Bookshelf SpeakersAs much as we all hate this, sometimes our decisions all come down to our budget. Floor standing speakers can be more expensive than bookshelf speakers. Although there are some great speakers that are considered affordable in the world of floor standing speakers (as this Polk Audio TSi300 speaker), just one speaker costs almost as much as a pair of bookshelf speakers of the same brand (Polk Audio TSi200 Bookshelf speakers). If you’re fortunate enough to have a big budget, then floor speakers will be highly recommended for you, they will sound better and louder. But if your budget doesn’t allow it, then the smaller bookshelf alternative will be a good choice.


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