In this post, we look at two popular complete home theater systems for under $1000 by Samsung. The seemingly similar systems excel in delivering amazing sound experience at home, but one definitely does it better than the other. Read on for more details…

Samsung HT-F9730W vs. HT-H7730: What Is The Difference?

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First, let’s get in to the common features both of these systems share:

  • 7.1 channel system
  • 1330Watts.
  • Vacuum tube and digital sound combination for natural and crisp sound.
  • Include 3D Blu-Ray playback system.
  • Built-in WiFi connectivity allows you to access Internet streaming services easily.
  • Includes: 2 floor speakers, 2 satellite speakers, 1 wireless rear speaker.
  • 2 HDMI inputs, 1 output.
  • Supports: Blu-ray, DVD, CD playback.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Ultra HD upscale for upgrading regular DVD or Blu-ray quality.

What Is The Difference Between Them?

The HT-F9730W has some upgraded features that the HT-H7730 doesn’t have:

  • Dual Unit Subwoofer: improves the clarity of low-pitch sounds and eliminates any noise.
  • Crystal Amp PLUS: filters sound sources twice to minimize distortion and produce sound exactly as its meant to be heard.
  • Includes more Audio processing features, 9 audio processing vs. 6 for the HT-H7730.
  • There’s also some design differences which do not affect the performance of either system.

Samsung HT-F9730W 7.1-Channel 1330Watt 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System

Click here to learn more about the Samsung HT-F9730W system, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Samsung HT-H7730 7.1 Channel 1330-Watt 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System

Click here to learn more about the Samsung HT-H7730 system, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Which System Should I Buy? The HT-F9730W Or HT-H7730?

Budget wise, the HT-H7730 is a less expensive option than the HT-F9730, and honestly, most people would be just as happy with this system. If you live a large space, you’ll probably want to opt for the more powerful HT-F9730W, only then the price difference would be of value to you. Otherwise, you’re basically getting the same features.


Questions About These Samsung Home Theater Systems:

Are The Speakers In The HT-H7730 and HT-F9730W Wireless?

Only the rear speakers are wireless, which allows you to freely place them anywhere in the back without worrying about connection cables.

Can The Speakers Be Wall-Mounted?

Yes, they can.  The tower speakers come with a base but also feature mount holes, as well as the rest of the speakers. Required mounting tools are not included.

Is The Amp Wireless?

No the amp is not wireless. But the rear speaker connects wirelessly to it.

Does The Blu-ray Player Convert to 4K UHD?

Yes, it does so with all features built-in. You should expect upscale features for both DVD and Blu-rays.


In this post, we’ll be comparing two of the best selling Yamaha AV receivers. On the surface, both look almost identical, but one has a huge leap performance wise. So let’s have a look at the features of each receiver to find out which is best for you and your use…

Difference Between the Yamaha RX-V675 vs. Yamaha RX-V677:

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As the RX-V677 is an upgraded version of the RX-V675, they’ll have many features in common,

  • 7.2 channel AV receivers.
  • 105w per channel
  • HD Audio format decoding: Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™;
    Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio™
  • 6 HDMI (6 in/ 1 out).
  • 4K Ultra HD Passthrough and upscaling.
  • AirPlay for iOS device connectivity.

But the RX-V677 packs many additional features that make it more powerful performance wise:

  • It’s a WiFi Network AV receiver, which means it can play media from any device on the same network, wirelessly. The RX-V675 requires wireless adapter to do that.
  • AirPlay and HTC wireless connectivity gives you easy device connectivity.
  • Additional ways to enjoy streaming services wirelessly and easily control them through smartphone/device apps.
  • Virtual CINEMA FRONT provides virtual surround sound with five speakers in front
  • Multi-zone audio support.

Which One Should You Buy? The Yamaha RX-V675 or Yamaha RX-V677?

While the Yamaha RX-V677 includes more features than the RX-V675, it’s also more expensive. It all comes to whether or not you need the added features. If you have all your media in one place, you’ll be happy with the Yamaha RX-V675. But if you happened to have many media files on multiple devices, a larger house that requires more powerful sound, you’ll enjoy the extended power for the WiFi connectivity and the powerful sound performance the Yamaha RX-V677 offers.

Yamaha RX-V677 7.2-channel Wi-Fi Network AV Receiver

Click here to learn more about the Yamaha RX-V677, read customer reviews and buy it.

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Yamaha RX-V675 7.2 Channel Network AV Receiver with Airplay

Click here to learn more about the Yamaha RX-V675, read customer reviews and buy it.

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What Is The Difference Between  RX-V673 and RX-V675?

Yamaha RX-V673 7.2-Channel Network AV Receiver

The two models are almost the same, the RX-V675 should have better connectivity due to the fact that it’s the newer model. Other than that, there aren’t any notable differences.



Denon HEOS Speakers

The Denon HEOS Wireless Speakers is a new addition to a great line of speakers and audio/home theater gear by Denon. This range of speakers allow you to listen to your favorite music wirelessly, anywhere in your home or office, and control it anywhere wireless, too.

Features of the Denon HEOS Speakers:

  • Play music in any room and control it from anywhere.
  • Internet connected speakers allow you to stream music from online music providers.
  • Listen to music from your phone, tablet or from a USB stick or your local home network.
  • Ability to connect speakers to each other to play the same music in different rooms for a more powerful sound experience.
  • Aux connection available for more connectivity options.

How Does the HEOS Speaker Work?

Setting up your Denon HEOS Speakers takes a few minutes:

  • Plug the speaker
  • Download the free app (available for iOS and Android)
  • Connect your speaker to your wireless network via the app.
  • And you’re all set!

In the app, you’ll also be able to connect and sign in to some music services like Pandora and Spotify and many others.

The HEOS speakers range have three speakers, the HEOS 3, HEOS 5 and HEOS 7. We’ll talk about the features and compare them to each other below..

Denon HEOS 3 vs. 5 vs. 7, What’s The Difference and Which One Should You Buy?

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All three speakers will give you the basic features we mentioned above, but each one does have an edge over the other when it comes to size and performance….

Denon HEOS 3 Wireless Speaker

The HEOS 3 is the smallest of the bunch, making it ideal for anyone looking for a portable Internet connected speaker. It’s great for small to medium sized rooms. It features dual custom range drivers powered by 2 dedicated Class D amplifiers, giving you clear, loud room filling sound. Since it’s small in size, it’s the only one of the three that can be set either horizontally or vertically.

Click here to learn more about the HEOS 3, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Denon HEOS 5 Wireless Speaker

The HEOS 5 is a better choice for a medium or large space. It features Two custom-designed tweeters and Two mid-woofers and a passive radiator powered by 4 dedicated Class D amplifiers, giving you more powerful HiFi sound quality. With a discreet handle at the back, it’s easy to carry around without interruption of the cool sleek and minimal design.

Click here to learn more about the HEOS 5, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Denon HEOS 7 Wireless Speaker

Last, but most certainly not least, is the HEOS 7. If you’re planning to stream music in a large open space, an outdoor space, or a large home, this is the speaker for you. It features impressive two custom tweeters and two mid-woofers; large subwoofer and two passive radiators; powered by five dedicated Class D amplifiers. Prepare to be blown away but the sound coming out of this one!

Click here to learn more about the HEOS 7, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Which One Should You Buy? The HEOS 3, 5 or 7?

This is a simple question to answer; are you trying to cover a large open area? multiple small or mid- sized rooms or only one room? Your choice should be based on the size of the space you’re trying to fill with sound. And remember, you can connect multiple speakers of different sizes and have them play the same music, so you can connect a few HEOS 3 units in each room, or place a HEOS 7 in the largest room and connect it to a HEOS 5 in another smaller room. This is a truly flexible system that should work for any house or office size.


We’ve mentioned Grace Digital and Logitech Internet Radio Receivers in a previous post on our best selection for WiFi Radios. Many people seem to get suck in choosing between two models: the Grace Digital Mondo or the Logitech Squeezebox. So in this post, we’ll be comparing these two models in hopes of helping you make a better decision.

What Is The Difference Between Grace Digital Mondo vs. Logitech Squeezebox Radio?

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Before we get into the differences, let’s talk about similarities:

  • Internet Radios that support the most popular services like Pandora, Sirius, IHeartRadio, and many more. You can access thousands of other stations.
  • Both features a color screen that displays information and music/album art as well as the radio’s settings and options.
  • They also play music that is stored on your PC or Mac by connecting through the same Internet Network.
  • In addition, you can connect any music player to it using the 3.5 audio jack.
  • WiFi support is built-in, so no cables needed and no extra accessories needed.

The Differences:

  • The Modno has a larger 3.5″ screen vs. the 2.5″ screen on the Logitech Squeezebox. However, the Squeezebox is more vivid and crisp.
  • The Squeezebox gives you direct Facebook sharing right from within the radio.
  • The Squeezebox is smaller and lighter, making it more portable and better fit for smaller spaces.
  • By comparing many customer reviews, the Squeezebox seems to deliver a better sound quality than the Grace Mondo.  It also offers a more up-to-date server data, which gives you more access to radio stations.

Although the Grace Modno is a less expensive option, the Logitech Squeezebox seems to be more popular. So now it all comes down to your budget, if you can spend a little over $200 on an Internet radio receiver, the Logitech should you be your choice. Otherwise, the Grace Mondo will do as a less expensive option.

Logitech Squeezebox Radio Music Player with Color Screen

click here to learn more about the Logitech Squeezebox, read customer reviews and buy it.

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Grace Digital Wi-Fi Music Player with 3.5-Inch Color Display

Click here to learn more about the Grace Digital Modno, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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In this post, we will be look at and comparing three of the most popular and top rated Yamaha 7.2 Channel AV Network receivers. Although seemingly the look the same and have many common features, we’ll point out the features that make a difference in how they perform.

Yamaha RX-V675 vs. RX-V575: What Is The Difference?

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  • Both are 7.2 Channel AV Network receivers.
  • Both offer Airplay for wireless iOS device mirroring.
  • Can stream wirelessly using available Bluetooth and WiFi adapter accessories (sold separately).
  • Both offer 3D surround sound experience.

Here’s where the difference is:

Sound processing:

  • The RX-V675 offers Virtual Cinema DSP which gives you 7.1 channel sound using 2.1 speakers, without the need for rear speakers.
  • the RX-V675 offers 90W per channel, where the RX-V575 80W per channel.

Video Processing:

  • RX-V675 has Ultra HD 4K Pass Through, as well as upscaling support for other video formats.


  • RX-V67: 6 HDMI inputs, 1 Output
  • RX-V575: 5 HDMI inputs, 1 Output.
  • Both have USB port for additional device connectivity.

Yamaha RX-V675 7.2 Channel Network AV Receiver with Airplay

Click here to read the full features, read customer reviews and buy the Yamaha RX-V675 AV Network Receiver.

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Yamaha RX-V575 7.2-Channel Network AV Receiver with Airplay

Click here for the full features of the Yamaha RX-V575, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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The Difference Between RX-V575 vs. RX-V577:

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They are basically the same but the RX-V577 has these extra features:

  • Built-in WiFi
  • AirPlay for iOS devices as well as HTC Connect.
  • It has 6 HDMI inputs instead of 5 for the RX-V575

Yamaha RX-V577 7.2-channel Wi-Fi Network AV Receiver

Click here to learn more about the Yamaha RX-V577, see full features, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Polk AudioAM5118-A Buckle Headphones Polk AudioAM5118-A Buckle Headphones_

Polk Audio have been known for their impressive floorstanding and bookshelf speakers. Their new line of headphones is just as impressive, they bring that massive sound to a very personal level that you can enjoy anywhere on the go.

Created from superior material, with an Ergonomic design that ensures the best and most comfortable fit, and a beautiful hand-stitched leather color combination that gives off quite a luxurious look, you’ll be more than happy with these Polk Audio headphones. The headphones feature a built in 3-button control that allows one-finger control. It also features a mic for calls, and a detachable cable for a tangle-free storage.

As for sound quality, you’ll get to experience Polk Optimized Electro-acoustic Tuning (POET), which is a design process that allows for an immersive sound experience.

Click here to learn more about Polk Audio’s Heritage Headphones on amazon, available in brown/gold or black/silver.


LG BH9430PW 1460W 3D Blu-Ray Theater System with Smart TV, 3D Sound, Wireless Rear Speakers

If you’re looking for a complete home theater system, and by complete we mean from speakers, media player AND a smart TV included, look no further than this LG system. This home theater system includes:

  • an LG Smart TV
  • 2 tower speakers
  • 2 satellite speakers
  • 1 center speaker
  • 1 subwoofer
  • 1 DVD/ Blu-ray disc player with 3D playback.

The home theater system will give you many top of the line features that will enrich your home theater experience. Get ready to experience things like:

  • Stream video and content from thousands of services directly on your TV.
  • Built-in WiFi allows you to connect to those streaming services without any hassles.
  • Bluetooth streaming allows you to connect your devices to your speakers and enjoy better sound not only from your TV but all other Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Got some old low quality DVDs? The disc player will upscale them right up to the highest quality your new TV can view!
  • Get ready to experience awesome room-filling 3D sound with sound zooming features.

This is one of the few FULLY complete home theaters systems with a smart TV that you can find at an unbeatable price.

Click here to learn more about this LG home theater system, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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An A/V receiver is the heart of every home theater. It allows you to control all your home theater components from one place, and helps contribute to an ultimate home theater experience. Still not convinced you need one? Well, allow us to convince you!

  1. an A/V receiver connects all your speakers (up to 7.1 or more), and allows you to control them from one place.
  2. You can also connect all your media devices: DVD, Blu-ray, Satellite dish, Cable and get superior audio and video quality.
  3. Most new A/V receivers will upscale the quality of your old media and match it to the maximum quality your TV can view. For example, if you have a DVD which is at 480p quality, an A/V receiver can upscale it to 1080p full HD quality.
  4. It offers additional HDMI inputs for connecting even additional devices.
  5. Some A/V network players have built-in WiFi and AirPlay that will allow you to connect to the Internet, getting additional streaming services and play music from your AirPlay device wirelessly.

Which A/V Receiver Should You Get?

Now of course, if we all had to blinding choose which A/V Receiver (or any gadget really) to get, we’ll choose the TOP of the line that is packed with all features possible. But the sad truth is, some of us is still bound by a budget. So, here are our top choices for A/V receivers that fall under most common budgets. (please note that prices are subject to change by vendors)

If your budget is $300 and under, go for:

Harman Kardon AVR 1700 5.1-Channel Network-Connected Audio/Video Receiver with AirPlay:

Harman Kardon AVR 1700 5.1-Channel Network-Connected Audio_Video Receiver with AirPlay

  • 5.1 network-connected AV receiver at 100-watts per channel.
  • HDMI with 3D, 6 HDMI inputs and 1 output.
  • Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ decoding
  • Stream audio from compatible devices to your home network.
  • Ability to control the receiver using your iOS or Android device.
  • AirPlay technology for streaming music from your iOS device or iTunes wirelessly.
  • USB port allows to connect additional devices.

Click here to learn more about this AV receiver and read the customer reviews.

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If your budget is $500 and under, go for:

Denon AVR-E300 5.1 Channel 3D Pass Through and Networking Home Theater Receiver with AirPlay

Denon AVR-E300 5.1 Channel 3D Pass Through and Networking Home Theater Receiver with AirPlay

  • 5.1 speaker input at 175 watts per channel.
  • HMDI with 3D pass-through, 5 inputs 1 output.
  • Control receiver using your iOS device or Android device.
  • Network connectivity.
  • AirPlay for streaming music from iOS devices and iTunes.
  • Stream from Internet services like Pandora, Spotify…
  • USB input.

Click here to learn more about this AV receiver and read the customer reviews.

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If your budget is $1000 and under:

Denon AVR-X3000 In-command 7.2-Channel 4K Ultra HD Networking Home Theater Receiver with AirPlay:

Denon AVR-X3000 In-command 7.2-Channel 4K Ultra HD Networking Home Theater Receiver with AirPlay

  • 7.2 speaker inputs, 215watts per channel.
  • HDMI, 3D pass through, and 4k video upscaling (analog to HD video conversion)
  • 7 HDMI inputs, 2 outputs.
  • iOS and Android device controller.
  • Stream music from AirPlay, and internet services (Pandora, Spotify)
  • Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding.
  • Audyssey DSX and DTS Neo:X for the best surround sound processing.
  • 2-zone/2-source via variable pre-outs

Click here to learn more about this AV receiver and read the customer reviews.

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Bose has always been one of the leading brands in home audio speakers as well as many other audio systems and equipments. There’s a reason Bose audio speakers are used in many fine and high end venues, and even the best built cars. Bose speakers are simply the best. Of course, they usually come with a higher price in comparison to some other brands, but is it considered overpriced? Most certainly not. Bose speakers are worth every penny! (It’s my choice of speaker system at home, so I know from experience!).Below, we’ve listed the top 3 Bose home theater speaker systems that will fill your room with sound and add excitement and more feeling to your TV viewing experience at home.

Bose® CineMate® GS Series II Digital Home Theater Speaker System:

Bose® CineMate® GS Series II Digital Home Theater Speaker System

The CineMate® GS Series II from Bose is a premium quality home theater speaker system that delivers a spacious, multichannel sound experience with strong center imaging due to the TrueSpace technology. The system consists of Bose Acoustimass module and a pair of Gemstone speaker arrays. The Acoustimaas module delivers deeper low notes and immersive sound. The hideaway Acoustimaas Module are designed in such a way that it will blend elegantly into your room.  When the module is hidden away, the sound seems to come directly from the speakers creating a realistic experience. A universal remote control controls the speaker system and the electronic components connected to your TV.  The CineMate is also combines with digital 5.1 decoding that delivers a super multichannel surround sound experience from practically any source.

Click here to learn more about the CineMate® GS Series II and read the customer reviews.

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Bose® Solo TV Sound System:

Bose Solo TV Sound System

We’ve written about the Bose Solo Soundbar before as one of the easiest soundbar to connect, with only one single connection required from the bar to the TV. It is a single speaker sound system designed especially for watching TV. It replaces the TV’s internal speakers and gives you a high-class audio sound. The system has a sleek design that go nicely with any TV. It gives you improved dialogue, music, action and sound effects from daily programming. The system connects to the TV with just one cable and one plug to the wall. There is also a remote control with the system for power, mute and volume control. Solo TV produces clear audio with ample volume and a decent amount of bass.
Click here to read more about Bose Solo TV Soundbar and read the customer review.

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Bose Acoustimass 6 Home Entertainment Speaker System:

Bose Acoustimass 6 Home Entertainment Speaker System

The Acoustimass 6 from Bose is suitable for smaller to mid size rooms. It is designed for use with 5.1 channel surround sound receiver. The Acoustimass module adds drama to music and movies. Downward-firing drivers and proprietary technology deliver the lowest audible notes and effects with clarity and balance. The reflecting speaker technology delivers realistic spaciousness just like live performance. Now you can enjoy rich, low-frequency effects that give you amazing listening experience. The speakers are small in size, but don’t let their size fool you. They’re smaller so you can easily place them around the room, or arrange them in the best way that works for your decor, that will also spread the sound around equally.

Click here to learn more about Acoustimass 6 and read the customer reviews.

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Spending money on a decent surround sound system is always a good idea as it can vastly improve your home cinema experience.  It will introduce you to a whole new world of audio excellence! A 5.1  surround sound systems include 5 speakers that will let enjoy thundering sound explosions, dynamic music and subtle sound effects all around your room. This system size is perfect for a small to medium sized rooms, you can arrange the speakers in a way that will fill your room with sound for the best results. Here are our picks for the best 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker systems:

Samsung HT-F5500W 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System:

Samsung HT-F5500W 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System

The HT-F5500W Samsung player lets you experience the next generation of Smart Home Theater with amazing TV apps and full-web browsing. It offers stunning Blu-Ray pictures complete with surround sound of a five speaker system and subwoofer. You can also browse the web on your TV, play music and movies from the popular online services or listen to your favorite tunes from your iPhone or iPod. The Blu-ray player delivers stunning high- definition picture. It also delivers exciting 3D video to a compatible TV once you play 3D Blu-ray discs.  To watch online movies, just hook the receiver up to your home network with an Ethernet cable or with the built-in Wi-Fi and get started. One of the best things about the system is its easy set-up mode. You just have to plug the player or receiver into your TV using HDMI cable and connect the front three speakers as well as the subwoofer.  The system also has wireless rear speakers to avoid the nuisance of cable clutter. Now experience the true power of rich and clear bass with Samsung HT-F5500W 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System!

Click here to learn more about this system and read the customer reviews.

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Onkyo HT-S3500 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker/Receiver Package:

Onkyo HT-S3500 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker_Receiver Package-2

Onkyo HT-S3500 home theater package is best suitable for small to medium sized rooms. The system will surprise and delight you with its amazing sound and visualization experience.  It has 4 HDMI Inputs and 1 output with support for 3D and Audio Return Channel. It is also equipped with WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology) and five-speaker set. The package is also easy to set-up. The four HDMI inputs allow connectivity for Blu-ray discs players, cable/satellite tuners and gaming consoles. There is also an Audio Return Chanel that allows TV audio to be sent upstream to the A/V receiver.  This lets you enjoy TV programs in outstanding Onkyo sound. The package also has a subwoofer to enhance the bottom-end sound.  If you are looking for replacing your old home theater system with a new one, opt for Onkyo HT-S3500. You will never regret!

Click here to learn more about ‘Onkyo HT-S3500 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker and read the customer reviews.

Buy From Amazon

Sony BDV-E3100 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System with Built-In Wi-Fi:

Sony BDV-E3100 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System with Built-In Wi-Fi

Sony BDV – E3100 home theater system lets you enjoy excellent pictures with crystal-clear sound. It’s an ideal companion for your 3D television. It has 1000W 5.1-channel surround sound speaker system along with numerous advanced features. It also has HDMI 1.4 output that delivers high-definition video and audio over a single cable. It has built-in Wi-Fi that allows access to the Sony Entertainment Network. You can stream content from more than 100 services like Netflix and HuluPlus. The front panel USB port allows you to connect your Apple iPod or iPhone for listening to your favorite tunes. For the Football enthusiast, it has a Football Mode feature that will give you the stadium thrill with wraparound sound. You can even cut out the commentary and listen only to the game!

Click here to learn more about ‘Sony BDV-E3100 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System with Built-In Wi-Fi’ and to read the reviews.

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