Yamaha YAS-101BL Front Surround System A soundbar is a compact loudspeaker that gives you a great sound experience for TV and Music without taking much space. A soundbar can be placed underneath the TV or can be wall mounted on the top.

We’ve noticed there are many questions regarding this type of speaker, so we decided to dedicate this post to answering them.

How Does a Soundbar Connect to the TV?

Very simple, just like any other speaker would, it connects using an RCA cable going from your TV to the speaker. Most soundbars also have an auxiliry 3.5 mm jack to connect to other devices, others are equipped with Bluetooth for easy pairing with many different devices.

Does a Soundbar need an amplifier or a receiver?

Most Soundbars are already equipped with built-in amps and don’t require external ones, they also don’t need a receiver. If the soundbar is marked as ‘Powered’ then it already has a built-in amp, and it’s a simple plug and play. If it’s a ‘Passive’ soundbar, then an amplifier will be needed. Most of the time, Passive soundbars are sold as part of a home theater system that  comes with the required equipment to power it.

Is a soundbar worth the money?

Soundbar speakers are considered a cost-effective way to enhance your home theater experience without having to spend a lot of money on a large set of speakers. It gives you a  great amplified sound quality, you’ll get surround sound experience, and you can use them with basically any device either using an aux. connection or Bluetooth – if it has this feature – for a price range of $150 to $300 or so (as opposed to paying over $1000 on a complete home theater system). So, they are certainly worth the money.

Does a soundbar make a difference?

It certainly does. If you want to bring your movies, shows and music to life, and at a small budget, then a soundbar will be what you need.


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