When it comes to purchasing floorstanding speakers for your small room, the task can be a little tricky; if they’re too big, you’re crowding your already small place, if they’re too powerful, the sound will be annoying rather than enjoyable, and you could be possibly paying to more features than you can use. So, which floorstanding speakers are best for a small room? In this post, you’ll find our top rated choices.

How we choose those speakers:

  • They are top rated by customers who already bought them and used them.
  • They’re just the right size – not too big or too small.
  • Their size does not affect the sound quality. You’ll be getting and enjoying full sound.

Sony SSF-5000 Floor Standing 3-way Speaker (Pair):

Sony SSF-5000 Floor Standing 3-way Speaker

Known for its crisp sound and outstanding bass response, Sony SSF-500 has the following features —

  • 8” mica reinforced woofer with 3.25 mid-drivers;
  • 1’Nano fine-balanced dome tweeter for rich sound quality;
  • 150-watt maximum input power;
  • Frequency response of 45-50,000Hz; and
  • 8-Inches woofer.

The push-type speaker terminals of Sony SSF-500 Floor Standing  speakers are easy to use and offer accurate signal transfer, they are user-friendly and also easy to set up. What’s even great is their low price, specially that they are sold as a pair!

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Pioneer SP- FS52-LR Andrew Jones Designed Floor Standing Loudspeaker:

Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Andrew Jones Designed Floor standing Loudspeaker

Pioneer is a known name in audio design and engineering industry for over 7 decades. Pioneer SP- FS52-LR created by Pioneer’s Chief Speaker Engineer, Andrew Jones is known for its extraordinary quality of delivering exceptional music.  This unique floor standing loudspeaker has a structured surface added to the woofer to improve rigidity and offer bass accuracy. Its custom wave guide broadens the sweet spot of the High Efficiency Dome tweeter. Enhancing the efficiency of the tweeter with the recently designed crossovers enables the speaker to play louder by consuming minimum power. Pioneer SP- FS52-LR has the following features:

  • RF Molded Curved Cabinet;
  • Three 5.25″ Structured Surface Woofers;
  • Fold five-way binding posts;
  • 1″ high efficiency soft dome tweeter; and
  • 8 element complex crossover.

Pioneer SP- FS52-LR is reasonably priced and a perfect companion for home theater systems. The speaker offers outstanding acoustic quality from DVDs, CDs, and gaming, and other audio sources.

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JBL Studio 180 6.5-Inch Floor Standing Loudspeaker:

JBL Studio 180 6.5-Inch Floorstanding Loudspeaker

JBL is another renowned brand of loudspeakers that have been ruling the market for over 60 years.  JBL Studio 180 known for its tonal precision and power has the following features:

  • 6″ PolyPlas woofers encased in rubber to minimize distortion and dispel heat;
  • 1″ CMMD Lite tweeter accommodated in a Bi-Radial® waveguide for superior high frequency response.
  • Tower configuration positions the mid-range and high-frequency transducers at the ear-level of seated listeners.
  • Firm and heavily braced ¾” (19 mm) MDF enclosure with a rear-facing bass port for extensive bass response;
  • “PolyPlas™ midrange driver for smooth midrange and vocals.
  • Twin gold-plated binding posts with bi-wire capability.

Besides its outstanding performance, JBL Studio 180 6.5-Inch Floor speakers is known for its spectacular JBL® Weave design that enhances the visual appeal of any living room.

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